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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Soccer and Tarifa

We just arrived in Tarifa and wanted to give everyone an update on our travels. The bus was a very easy way to travel surprisingly and took way less time than we thought. We arrived in Tarifa and walked to our hotel which is a mini apartment. So tonight we are having lettuce which we were craving and apples. For three people our meal cost 13 euros so we are pretty proud of ourselves (including lunch tomorrow). Last night we were running about Sevilla with the people that were cheering for the soccer team that won. It was a great experience as we loved seeing all the people and hearing them cheer. Watching soccer here is so much different than in the U.S. it seems like the community is really a part of the team. For some reason my photos won't resize for the soccer event, but I have some pictures of Tarifa from today. Tomorrow we go to Morroco. We are nervous, but we think we should go because it is a once in a lifetime event.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

El Catedral

Yesterday, we had class and worked on various projects for class. We didn't take many photos, but we got ice cream at our favorite place so far (with all natural ingredients)

Today we visited El Catedral for our class. We learned a lot about the cathedral. For example the cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. The catholic church houses 60%  of the gold in the world as well (at least that is what we think the guide said). The cathedral also has a tomb where Christopher Columbus and his son are supposedly buried. After a short tour, we also got to go up to the top of the tower. It was a beautiful view of the city. The tower used to be the tallest point in the city as a law said that nothing could be larger than it, however today there is another torre that is being built outside of the city center near the river that is similar in height. Just like las saetas the people here don't like the tower but it is likely that both will become symbols for Sevilla like the Eiffel Tower is for Paris. We took lots of pictures on our film camera and took a few with digital.

We are gradually meeting and getting to know our speaking partners more and more. Today we had a coca cola- for the first time in ten years.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday and Sunday

This weekend has been a pretty relaxing weekend we didn't travel by train anywhere, in fact we walked everywhere. On Saturday we got up in the morning and swam for a while then we decided to get something to eat (bread) and to drink (granizada--frozen lemonade). We then went to see the Bullfight museum. We determined right when we walked in that a tour was going on right then and there so we rushed in and got to see the bullring. This was good because after seeing the rest of the tour and learning more about bullfighting we determined we never want to see a bullfight. We got to see the old hospital, but the guide said there have been no deaths in Sevilla for a long time and only 3 bullfighters have died ever. We also learned that there are many parts to a bullfight and that the matador kills the bull and the end to prevent it from suffering any more. We saw some heads on the wall (I know very gross). One bull had one ear gone which meant it was a good fight, another had two ears gone which meant it was a better fight, and the final had both its ears. It was one of two bulls saved in Sevilla for breeding. This one was saved recently only 3 years ago and it died in a pasture before it was mounted on the wall.

Where they keep the horses. 

We also decided to go see a church  (Basilica de la Macarena) after lunch that is highly recommended as it talks about the Feria of Sevilla. However we underestimated how long it would take to get there. We only ended up having about 20 minutes to explore it and its treasury, but it was cool none the less. We then rushed to meet Tirion's speaking partner, but we got lost. Partially H's fault and likely both of our map reading skills. We ended up having to call our speaking partner for help and had to meet at a different location. He no doubt thought we were stupid, but we had never been to the part of the city before and reading maps can be difficult when you are in a hurry. We ended up talking to him for an hour or so before we had to walk all the way back. Of course we put some major miles in.

Today we also swam, but then decided to visit a little amusement park that is a little smaller than Carowinds. We went with some people we know from the program and it was an interesting experience. We liked the rides, but there were no signs anywhere. The park was also closely associated with water so there were many water rides. We went on our first roller coaster where our feet didn't touch anything and were hanging (terrifying). We also went on two flume rides. While there we saw some interesting cultural things for example a boy peeing in line to get on a ride and lots of children running around with their shirts off. We all contemplated what age that stopped being appropriate and why these phenomena are different in the U.S. Overall it was a good couple of days.

Friday, May 22, 2015

El Rocio and Alcazar

Yesterday we got to see El Rocio an event that only occurs once every year. El Rocio is a religious party and one of the most important pilgrimages in the Christian world. It is in honor of the Virgen del Rocio. Los romeros (people on the pilgramage) walk for days and various distances to get to a city called Rocio. This is where the remains of the Virgin are. People ride horses, ride in carriages that are decorated, and walk long distances to get to their final destination. We got to go with our class and professor to see the event. It was a unique experience because everyone is dressed in traditional garb. We stayed and watched for at least 30 minutes taking pictures and listening to the music. Yesterday we also met with my intercambio (speaking partner) for over an hour. He was very chatty and we walked a long distance to see him. We ended up visiting a giant mall and seeing the other parts of the university that are away from the river. We also got ice cream and he said one of his favorite flavors is goat cheese...

Today we got to see the Alcazar in Sevilla with our class. It was very cool to see. Sadly H's feet were hurting and we were running low on energy so we didn't get to spend as much time there as we would have liked. (After our class had left) However we did manage to get some cool photos. When our parents come to see us at the end of our trip we will definitely take them to this wonderful place.

The palace is a 10th century palace built for the governors of the local Moorish state. This building still functions as a royal palace- the oldest in Europe that is still in use. Interestingly Game of Thrones has been filmed here. The palace is considered Spain's best example of the Mudejar style. What was really exciting was the gardens and the bath. We want to go back Monday night when it is free and the light is cool to go and take some black and white photographs with our film camera. But for now these pictures will have to do.

Fun facts:
Today we ate eggs again...
We also talked to a few neighbors in the elevator. One an older woman who wanted to know where we were living and another who advized us of where the best place to eat was.
One of our friends at the center told us why no one likes to walk barefoot in the house (they are afraid that they will get foot diseases if they walk barefoot).

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Italica y La plaza de Espana

Yesterday as a part of our program we visited Italica an old Roman city. It was very cool to see the ruins up close we just wish we had more time to take pictures for our collection. The city  reminded us of our trips to Bath, Rome, and Verona. Obviously it wasn't as well preserved as some of these places because the Romans left, but it was cool to see how they set up the city in a way that is still continued today roads N to S and E to W. Also it was amazing to see how they built cities to last as there were some houses with mosaics that survived years of sun exposure and are still brilliant today.

Today we went to a museum called Bellas Artes. It is supposedly the second best museum in Spain to the Prado museum in Madrid. It was very interesting to visit it with a group of people because there was such a range of understanding of art and art history. We really enjoyed seeing the pieces that we had studied mulitple times in high school and in college. We took some pictures of the most famous pieces, but the museum itself was very pretty. After the museum we went to parque Maria Luisa and La plaza de Espana. It was very beatiful and we got some beautiful pictures.

Some things we have noticed:
It doesn't rain much here.
Everyone walks to their jobs and consider it a privledge.
Popular foods include: bread, eggs, yogurt, and potatoes.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Yesterday was a pretty calm day for us as not much happens on Sundays here in Spain. We swam in the morning at a local pool and then we decided we would go with some people from the program to the aquarium. We then ate lunch and around 5 we went to Hospital de los Venerables that is free on Sunday afternoons. This was a former hospital that now houses many paintings by Sevillanos and a beautiful church that is painted in the Baroque style.

Today we had class for the majority of the day, but in the afternoon after lunch we visited Plaza de la Encarnacion where the waffle is (actually called Metropol Parasol). We then had an icecream and attended a Flamenco dance at Casa de la Memoria. It was a long and exciting day.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Today we traveled on a bus with other students from our program to Cordoba. It was a long day because we didn't catch a break from the sun at all. The trip was well worth it though. We knew a little bit about it because of our handy dandy Rick Steves that D gave us, but it was really interesting to learn more about the history and the history behind the architecture. We thought we would share mostly photos because we did so much there is not enough space to talk about and we know that there will be many more trips to come in the summer.
T-- behind her is a Roman bridge
H in the same place.

Islamic influences
Jewish area of town
Sunflowers on the way.
We have many more photos. Ask us to share them with you when we get back.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sevilla day 3

Today we explored the city a little more and we had our first day of classes. We have about thirteen people in our class and it was interesting to have a class with them. Six of them attend the same college and the rest attend small liberal arts schools like ours except for one who attends USC. We also had a meeting for our trip to Cordoba tomorrow. After we were done with class at 1, we walked across the bridge to the pool that we have a membership to. Although we got lost, we had a few minutes to swim. We managed to get in about 500 meters in about 20 minutes. We had neglected to determine if our lock would work and this was a problem when we discovered that our lock was far to large for the locker. We each had to take turns swimming (We also learned that in Spain you need to wear caps when swimming (or at least with this pool)). The lanes are also labeled from fastest to slowest. Furthermore, it is required to shower before entering the pool which is very different than the US where they say you should, but no one does. After our quick swim we managed to walk back to our residencia to have lunch at 2:30. Today we consumed a soup that was called puchero, that is very popular in Spain with meat, but as we don't eat meat we had it without. It had pasta noodles, broth, and garbanzo beans.

We then took a break during the rest of the hours of the day  -- "siesta." After our break, we went to meet H's speaking partner. Since we haven't had time to walk the city much, we walked around with him and spoke in both Spanish (for my benefit) and English for his. We discovered that it is isn't too hard to get around, but we appreciated the help. We hope to explore the city more on Sunday. We then took a bus with the group around the city to see all the far away parts of the city. This ride was air-conditioned and greatly appreciated. After the ride we walked back to our barrio (neighborhood) very slowly as we had walked a long way and our feet hurt. After the walk we visited a park that is called "Parque de los Principes." It was very pretty outside and the trees were blooming. We sat down on the bench for a while and people watched. We then had dinner at 9:30. Tonight, we had pizza and apples. I decided to try to post some pictures. Our internet connection isn't very good, so I will try my best. We took these pictures on our walk back. The building is an old moorish building that is called Torre del Oro. It is a good landmark for us because we know where we are in relationship to the bridge that we need to cross. We also took some pictures of the river that is called Rio Guadalquivir, but chose not to post them.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sevilla day 1/2

We have officially arrived in Sevilla! Today we walked to where our classes are "el centro norteamericano." It was a little more difficult getting there than we thought, but we made it with a handy dandy map. The program told us that they want you to get lost so I guess we can check that off our list:)
We then had a little time to set up our phone. We haven't taken any pictures yet, but we have passed a lot of tourist attractions. We aim to take pictures when we learn about them later on in the trip. We have weekends free, but this weekend we are going to C√≥rdoba (on Saturday) so we hope to explore the city more tomorrow and Sunday. Hopefully we will have photos next time we post. ❤️H and T

Monday, May 11, 2015


One day until departure for Spain and a summer of teaching and traveling. Looking forward to lots of fun and lessons learned! Stay tuned for more!

Monday, October 01, 2012

So, the girls have settled in to college. Their dorm room looks great and they are getting involved in some seasonal decorating. Here are some pictures of the latest:
 In addition, they have both been published on the Healthy Bishop blog here and here. They have received their official OWU gear for swimming and it looks awesome!
 All is good at OWU!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Day in Paris

Today we started the day with a tour of the Louvre. We saw some of the most important and famous works of art, but we also saw some new features of the museum, like the ceiling and hearts from the stone masons on the old castle. From the Louvre we went to lunch at a cute creperie and walked along the latin quarter. We then went to the Cluny museum. The museum was a medieval museum; our favorite part was the tapestry of the woman and the unicorn. We then accidentally ran into the gay pride parade. It was a fun experience because we had to walk through it to get to our next destination. It wasn't to different from our school. We walked along Notre Dame, got some ice cream, and saw the Pompidou center before dinner. Lastly, we took a ride on the Seine and saw the Eiffel Tower once more. All in all it was a good day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paris- Day one

Today we woke up early and traveled around Paris. When we got to our first stop Musee d'Orsay a strike was going on, and they didn't know when it was going to open. So we decided to travel to the Rodin museum instead. It was a euro each and we got to see the sculptures in the garden. It was really nice. We then traveled past Les Invalides (Napolean's tomb) and learned a little history about Paris itself. We then took a quick stop on the metro and got to the Arc de Triumph. It was a gorgeous day and we could see for ever. After getting a quick lunch we headed to a shopping area of Paris. Our family looked at the Art Nouveau and traveled up to the top to see the sights. We then went back to the museum and it was open! We saw some cool new pieces by Monet and Degas. We couldn't take photos, but we wanted to capture the moment so we bought some postcards. Once we were done with the museum we headed towards the Notre Dame area. After resting our feet a little we went up to the church and walked along the Seine. At nine we headed up the Eiffel Tower. We were excited because we had never done the tower before at night. We actually went all the way to the top, but we found that we liked the view from the bottom much better. When we came back down the lights turned on, and we walked down with a bright Eiffel tower. When we reached a viewing area across the river the little sparkly lights went off. They were mesmerizing.

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