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~ John Dewey

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Barcelona Day 2- Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell

We woke up early and headed to Parc Guell. While H, D, and T had visited before, C had not. We all enjoyed the visit and got to see the inside of the guard house. When we had gotten our fill of this marvel that was a flop in Gaudi's day- making it so it was possible to see his designs for the market today- we walked down a steep hill. On the way down we passed a quote from Gaudi that encompassed the whole idea of the park itself, "Everything comes from the great book of nature."

At the bottom of the hill we headed to the Sagrada Familia. It had changed so much since the last time we were there and we couldn't stop imagining how fantastic it would be after the end of its construction. It was gorgeous enough as it was especially the stained glass windows that were added and the 1000 seat choir. We popped in the school and then the museum where we got to see models for the continued construction. They have made so much progress because of all of the tourists that we hope to be able to visit it again.

From the Sagrada Familia we headed to the Block of Discord and saw modernist facades of the houses. Several were Gaudi's but some were not. All were cool and we enjoyed seeing the different styles that were present in the era. After lunch and a short break we headed back out to the Gothic quarter and saw the cathedral. We also got to see some old roman columns before we had to go to our reserved ticket time for the Picasso Musuem. It had quite a collection that moved in chronological order. The collection was also cool to compare with the works we saw in Malaga (because they were less cubist in nature). What was really surprising was Picasso's obsession with Las Meninas (Velazquez) which we got to see in his multiple paintings and recreations.

But we weren't done! We headed to Las Ramblas after a stop for froyo. And we walked back by the ocean just in time for dinner.

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