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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Granada Day 2

We woke up somewhat early (later than yesterday) to head to the Alhambra. We caught a taxi and then headed up up up. We then unloaded and got in line to get our tickets. We made friends with some people from New York and quickly got our tickets (after leaving and using the kiosks). Then we waited in line some more. We felt like we were in Disney World and we beat out the other people on the race to the main attraction Placio Nazaris by our time slot 8:30AM. We were ahead of all the others from our group and had to ask some cleaning men to help (they happily obliged). Once we were allowed in, we read about the rooms from Rick and enjoyed the jaw dropping views. We were especially thrilled that because we had gotten there early there were not many people there blocking our views of our pictures. We even saw them cleaning the tile floors.

From the main attraction we climbed up a few tower walls and got some great pictures and views. And we meandered around and headed to the next attraction. The palace of Charles V. We again beat the crowds and had time to see the art museum and the museum beneath that which had original pottery and the original tiles etc. Nobody was there and it was free and worth the trip.

Tower View
The Palace

From the palace we headed to the oldest part of the complex the Alcazaba. It was old ruins with nice towers and structures and we enjoyed the fact that we could explore and walk around and look across the city to where we were the other day (Sacromonte and the Mirador). From the Alcazaba we headed to the gardens which were a little more crowded but they led to a cute summer palace and up and around more gardens that were beautiful. We hope to return when it is night sometime and see a play or hear a concert in the grounds. Here we crossed several language barriers and got a picture of us that was the best of the day. 

Fountains in the gardens
We had so much time left that we wandered around Granada and found a monastery that had very little information about it and stopped in for a bit before catching our train. 

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