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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Granada Day 1

Today we arrived in Granada. We took a train, but because the train station is being remodeled we went halfway by train then got a bus that they provided. We then went to el catedral because it just opened. The cathedral is one of two Renaissance churches (the other that we saw in Cordoba). It was very cool and had lots of light. We then decided to walk to the Capilla Real it was a lavish chapel where Ferdinand and Isabella are buried. We also saw some famous pieces of art by Botticelli and Hans Memling. We then stopped at a local place for our breakfast of tostada con marmelada frambuesa and orange juice.

After leaving our bags at the hotel we decided to take a walk recommended by Rick along the historic center of Granada. We stopped at the corral de carbon which was a carvanserai where merchants rested their camels on the silk road. We then went to the Alcaceria (a market where they sold various items that were overpriced for tourists to buy). It reminded us of Morocco and of course it should because originally it was a Moorish silk market. We continued on the walk and went to the plaza de bib rambla where the center of Granada used to be. We then walked to plaza nueva and then continued up paseo de los tristes where funerals once occurred. We ended that path at the Hammam El Banuel (or Moorish Baths) which were very similar to the baths we saw in Ronda. We then decided to continue to some free houses on the historic walk to the Albazin. We stopped at Casa de Zafra before we headed up a giant mountain walking up millions (and I mean millions of stairs to the overlook called Mirador de San Nicholas). It was a beautiful view of the Alhambra which we are visiting tomorrow morning bright and early. We then walked down through the area and made our way to Froyo before taking a descanso and siesta in our hotel.

We decided to venture out to see the Museo de Cuevas del Sacromonte even though Rick didn't recommend it and caught a bus to the location. It was a good decision because the whole way we kept going up up and up. Once we got there we still had to hike up about 150 stairs to the museum. It was super cool. The museum consisted of unique cave dwellings that come from the Roma tradition. It showed yet another side of the culture in Granada and had stupendous views!

Tomorrow the Alhambra!

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