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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Segovia and La Granja de San Ildefonso Palacio

We arrived in Segovia around 3 yesterday by train after we swam in the morning and changed trains. The trip was long, but totally worth it. When we got there we took a cab to the Alcazar and went in to see it. It was really amazing and had awesome views. It was one of the favorite residences of the monarchs of Castile and controlled the region.

We then checked into the hotel and got our air conditioning fix before we went out to explore. We visited a popular local dessert place in Segovia called Limon y Menta and tried Marzipan cake unique to Segovia and of course another dessert that just looked good. We then walked to the most famous part of Segovia the Roman Aqueduct. When we got there some guy asked us to take a picture with him because he had the same shirt that we did. That's probably all over the internet now. Anyways we then walked to the modern art museum and got in with a student price. It was focused on pieces by Esteban Vicente. The interesting thing was that the art museum is a remodeled palace of Henry IV and that Vicente studied in Black Mountain NC. We then went to the grocery store got some snacks and waited it out until dinner. Of course we went to a cute vegetarian place and got a tofu pizza.
Today we had some free time so we caught a bus to a nearby town with a palace. The palace was built to model Versailles and had wonderful gardens and cool buildings. We couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was very cool and we enjoyed seeing some spanish tourists milling about enjoying their summer vacation. 

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