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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

Our simple educational philosphy: we learn as we live and we celebrate what we learn!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Color Walk Paper by H

The assignment was to write about a color using using a walk around the neighborhood as a source for inspiration.

I woke with a start. There was rustling nearby. I heard a woman talking to a man, telling him that the "tomatoes" needed to be picked. What in the world were tomatoes and why did they need to be picked? I looked down at my sleek, smooth, fire engine red body and rubbed my tummy on a wiry green stem. I secretly hoped Mother Plant would give me nourishment today with the help of Grand Sun and Grand Water. I have always been the smallest in my family, no matter how much food I get. My leafy emerald green hair has always seemed to be the longest though. My brothers and sisters always slept right next to me every night. I liked to keep an eye on them to see who rustled, who looked juicy and who was changing colors. I woke from my day dream to hear screams and cries from my brothers and sisters. In the heat of the marigold yellow sun, they were being taken from our mother, cut off from all food and I was afraid I was going to be next. Just seconds later, I was yanked and pulled from my mother, only to leave behind my cousins and newborn siblings. I turned my head to get one last glimpse of my old life and then I was covered up by a ginormous meddling pale hand. The hand gently put me down on a hard, flat, slate black table with all of my relatives. We were all worried about what would happen. No one knew. After an hour of intense waiting I saw my eldest brothers and cousins getting picked up by the same grimy unicorn white hand. They were tortured. First, they were put in boiling water and their skin peeled off. Then, they were seeded and their organs were taken out. Lastly, they were chopped up. I heard a little meek voice say, "What are you doing Daddy?" The man said, "Making sauce." The little voice seemed satisfied and said no more. All my brothers and sisters and cousins were gone forever. I felt like crying but my turn was next. I was picked up by the little voice. I knew that the next few minutes would be terrifying. The little voice put me down on a plastic board and asked her Dad to cut off the stem. My hair was gone. Then the little voice said, "I'm sorry Mato; I am going to put you in a salad." Next thing I knew, I was split in two. My brain was still in tact though, for a few minutes at least. Then, I realized I was the tomato that needed to be picked and I felt myself slipping away .....

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