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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Practicing Timed Essays

We are working on timed writing. This is not something the girls have ever done before. So, the girls each wrote a 15 minute timed essay on the following topic: If you were running for President of the United States, what would be the three primary elements of your political platform?

H's Essay:

If I were running for President of the United States I would stop global warming, drilling in Alaska, and the death penalty. These three elements of my platform are extremely important to the future of the United States and the world.

To stop and prevent global warming, I would require all builders to install every household with special energy lights. These lights would help reduce the use of electricity considerably. Also, I would make builders install tankless water heaters in all homes. These water heaters help reduce the amount of heat and water used every day thereby reducing each home's carbon footprint. It is important that everyone reduce their carbon footprint so that we can reduce global warming. Our future depends on it.

Secondly, I would stop drilling in Alaska. I would do this because animals are dying everyday. Drilling causes habitat destruction, oil leaks, and horrible smells. If we stop drilling in Alaska, the animals would be happier and our environment would be safer. Also, by stopping the drilling in Alaska we could reduce our reliance on oil for energy. Alternative fuel sources would help us and our environment.

Lastly, I would stop the death penalty. In my opinion, the death penalty is a cruel act that should be abolished. Since the 1800s may people have been hung, electrified, and shot as a means of punishing them for their crime. If someone commits a terrible crime, they should go to jail for life but killing people is wrong. And, there is no evidence that the death penalty prevents crimes.

In conclusion, I would try to make a difference in the world. I would stop global warming, drilling in Alaska, and the death penalty. If I could do this with the help of the American people, I could make the world a better place for all of us.

T's Essay:

If I were President of the United States I would work endlessly for what I believe in. I would fight for the protection of the environment. I would secure equal schooling opportunities for children. And I would radically reduce of our country’s debt.

As President I would fight tirelessly to protect the environment. Although it would be difficult, I would try to protect our children’s futures by stopping global warming. Everyone can play a part in this by using energy efficient lighting, using community transportation rather than cars, and finding other more environmentally friendly sources of energy to use in their households. I would fight to reduce the number of endangered animals. I would create reservations for animals to live in peace; I would create a law making it illegal to drill for oil near habitats of native animals; and I would study the mutations of animals to help prevent them. I would protect the land we live on. I would station “roadside” cops, to fine those who litter. I would pass a law that everyone has to use reusable grocery bags, reuse water bottles and recycle all of the products they have used. Every single little thing makes a difference.

In addition, I would secure equal schooling. Despite, Brown vs. Board of Education many children of different races and income levels are denied the schooling they deserve. I would work directly with these children to show them what equality looks like, what it feels like to have a school that is worth their time. I would love to have more grants for children to go into higher schooling. I would love to make a difference on these children’s lives.

Finally, I would radically reduce our country’s debt. I would manufacture more goods in our country so that we wouldn’t have to depend on other countries and therefore would not be indebted. I would stop the war in Iraq so that it would stop sucking out all the money that could be used for bigger and better things. I would not stop until I was satisfied that the next generation would have to deal with the debt a previous President had caused.

Reducing our country’s debt, securing equal schooling opportunities for children, and fighting to protect the environment are only a few things I would do, but I know could be the change one wants to see in the world.

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