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~ John Dewey

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Holy Toledo

Today we woke up early- after a terrible night's sleep in 100 degree weather- and headed to the train station. After getting a cab we made it to the train and headed to Madrid to change trains to Toledo. We arrived a little after 12 and went straight uphill to the Cathedral. After managing to get tickets we walked into the cathedral and explored. It was very beautiful and had many similarities to other cathedrals we have seen. One of the most interesting parts was the trasparente- a hole cut in the ceiling in the 1700's and decorated in the baroque style to add more light for mass. Of course we always love climbing to the top of the tours everywhere we go so we decided to get the extra ticket to climb. It reminded us a bit of Notre Dame because at the top there was the bell (la campana). It is apparently the largest bell in Spain and also is the most well known because it is referenced in songs.

After the Cathedral we went walking to El Greco Museum because it was free to see after 2. We waited in the park and stayed in the shade. El Greco Museum is a museum built near the site of El Greco's house.

 We then went to another free place that was right next door called Museo Safardi (Sinogoga del transito). It was interesting to see because it had a mix of architectural designs. We then found our hotel which was very close. It used to be a fabrica de harinas so it was cool to see and no one talked to us in English.

After taking a much needed nap IN AIR CONDITIONING we went to the Sinogoga Santa Maria la Blanca. We went see the cool white colors as well as the three religious influences Jewish, Christian, and Moorish. We then went to the San Juan de los Reyes Monastario. It was kind of hot at this point and there was a wedding going on. (we totally walked in by accident)

Foods we tried today: Three types of Mazapan. One was the traditional one like a sponge cake and the others we found at a little side church one was a heart and the other looked like a pretzel. They were both very good and also unique to that church.

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