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Monday, June 08, 2015

Cadiz and Matalascanas

This weekend we had a lot of beach time. As you may know, we don't exactly like the beach because of the sand. There are many parasites and gross things hidden in sand. However, we went because Spain has a ton of beaches and coastline. It is a major part of the culture. The first beach we went to was Cadiz. We went by train by ourselves and it was a very relaxing day.(Apparently it is one of the best local beaches and is not polluted by tourists from other countries).

 The view from the Santa Catalina Castle near the La Caleta beach.
 View of the Atlantic Ocean and the local favorite place to jump into the water.

 Somewhere between the Old City and the Beach (they are doing a lot of construction in Cadiz to increase tourism including reconstructing the Roman ruins and other historic sites).
 El Catedral (it was closed because of the Corpus Christi event that was happening in Cadiz).

On Sunday, we went to a beach in Matalascanas that many of the locals here don't say is their favorite but it is the closest to Sevilla and there are many locals. We paddlesurfed (and don't have any pictures). Paddlesurfing is the same as paddle boarding but there were more waves so it was harder (and you can surf in). Our instructor said we were strong (maybe because the others in the group never got off their knees). We returned to Sevilla with enough time to get one of our favorite granizada (frozen lemonade) places. Unfortunately, because we were outside for much of the day (9:00-6:00), we are burned. :(

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