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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Were There -- Inauguration 2009

I am still working on our photos but have a few ready for starters. These were taken on the Mall on Tuesday and then uploaded to

These are pictures from our small camera of those who were around us on the Mall. We were at the first nonticketed JumboTron on the left side of the Mall if you are facing the Capitol. To name a few, we had a Kenyan in front of us, lots of college students from Georgetown and Colorado State on either side, high school students from Texas who were there with their history teacher, a family from Maryland with a tween daughter, and a single woman from New Jersey.

These are pictures we took on our picture walks.

This was the view from our spot to the Capitol (for those of you who watched MSNBC, we were between their booth and the JumboTron).

This was a view from about 20 yards behind us looking toward the Washington Monument.

Look for a post on the weekend with more photos and our descriptions of what it was like to watch history unfold.

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