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~ John Dewey

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Friday, October 31, 2008

H got published! -- Vote for her by clicking on the link below

Dear H,

Congratulations! Your recent submission to Teen Ink has been posted on Teen Ink RAW, our new website of unedited and unfiltered teen-generated poetry, fiction, articles, reviews, opinions, artwork, etc. Teen Ink RAW allows you and others to rate work, provide feedback, and share stories with friends and family.

On the new Teen Ink RAW site, the highest-rated stories in each section will be prominently displayed on the home page and elsewhere. Your work could be among them, so vote often and send the link to your friends and family and ask them to vote too. (Up to one vote per article per day.)

Here is a link to your article.

Feel free to share this link with your friends and family and add it to your MySpace or Facebook page. The more votes you get on RAW, the higher your story will be ranked.

Having your work posted on Teen Ink RAW does not mean it has been chosen for the magazine, however, your submission is still being considered for Teen Ink magazine. We continue to read everything you send to us. If selected for the print magazine, all published authors are notified by mail and receive a copy of the magazine, a letter, and other gifts.

With the launch of these new website features, you may soon start receiving feedback on your work from Teen Ink readers via email and the comments will also be posted online with your work. If you DON'T want to receive feedback, please reply to this email and request to be removed from the feedback feature.

Thanks again for your submission and for helping to make Teen Ink and Teen Ink RAW the largest websites in the world for teen-generated writing, art, and photography.

John Meyer, Publisher


  1. Great job! I voted for you, but I must say, 'ewwwww!' Did you get paid extra?

  2. Unfortunately no! Thanks for voting! H


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