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~ John Dewey

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

County Fair Winners

I am excited to share that girls (and their dad) won some photography awards at the county fair! Dad got 3rd in scenic black and white.

H got 3rd in nature.

T got 3rd in people and 1st in black and white.

And, last week, H got 1st and 2nd in a local art show with these photos:


  1. Wow! Great photos! So cool that they won awards, too. My favorite is the third black and white. Nice job, guys.

  2. What terrific pictures. Who was the model for the photo of the girl?

    Do you have to give the specs on the cameras for the competition??


  3. Thanks! Our Spanish teacher's daughter -- isn't she cute? We did not have to include camera information but we used our Canon digital SLR. T and H


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