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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This week we sorted through this trash with some friends to figure out who a crime suspect was. It was messy, but fun!


  1. I'm interested in knowing more about how you did this experiment. Sounds fun!! can you tell me more?

  2. The crime was a lady was murdered early in the morning. I filled a bag with trash including yucky stuff. In the bag there was a UPS delivery sheet that included a date and time that a package was delivered. There was a letter to her husband from her about their relationship and she indicated she wanted to stop arguing. There was another sheet of paper that was a police report on a stalker that she had reported. The rest was pizza boxes, salads, coke bottle, etc. There was a sheet outside the bag that included brief descriptions (including their jobs) of three suspects and the time of the murder. The suspects were: a convicted felon that had been following her two years ago, her husband, and the UPS man. The kids were able to rule out the husband because he had a job at that time of the morning. They were able to deduce that it was the UPS guy because it indicated that the package was delivered at the same time she was killed. Hope that helps! We'll be doing some more forensics stuff and will try to post it as well.

  3. Was this a kit you got from teh forensic class or did you make it all up?

  4. Actually, the kids did one in class and we did another on our own (it wasn't very hard -- really just a logic game). The people running the Forensics class don't sell kits but they are thinking about putting together some kits that they could sell. If they do I'll post it here. I wouldn't expect anything for a few months.

  5. News on the lessons front: the girls Forensics teacher has agreed to put some lessons on CD. If you are interested, please contact her to discuss, so as to determine if you are on the same page. Her name is Christina Brooks
    Director, Forensics 101 at she can be reached at

    Good luck!

  6. Check out this site with free forensics activities.

  7. That link looks really good! We're going to try the mysteries out. Thanks!


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