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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

Our simple educational philosphy: we learn as we live and we celebrate what we learn!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Special Pair of Shoes by H

In Columbia, there was a spoiled rotten rich child named Ginger. Ginger always got what she wanted, always. Nobody dared disobey her. When she wanted a pair of footie pajamas, at the age of 5, she got them. When she asked for 15 dogs, at the age of 10, she got them. By the age of nineteen, Ginger had everything. She loved shoes, so she decided to start a shoe store. She told her dad she would need a million dollars to start her business and she got it. Ginger opened her store and had many employees who did all of the work while she waited for the perfect man to walk through the door. She wanted the love of her life, her parents couldn’t buy that. Without love, Ginger became a grouchy witch. Soon, people were feeling sorry for her. When they walked by her store or her house, they would say, “Poor, poor, Ginger.”

One morning, Ginger noticed a new pair of shoes in her store. She asked where they came from but no one knew. These shoes were no ordinary shoes. They were bright red Nike Shox. They were brand new and elegantly placed in a wrapped box by one of Ginger’s low paid workers. Ginger took the shoes home with her after spending a long day yelling at her workers. When she put the shoes on, she was very happy about how they fit. She danced around instead of yelling at everyone. She even fell asleep on the floor wearing them. The next morning she woke up to a voice talking to her. At first she though that there was a robber about to shoot her, but then she realized the sound was coming from her feet.

Ginger awoke suddenly to someone saying, “Get up. It’s late you’ve got to get to work.” The Shoes seemed to be talking to Ginger! Ginger started to scream, but then stopped. The shoes told her that if she followed what the shoes said, she would find happiness. She decided to try it. She followed the shoes for a while as they told her where to walk. She was so excited that she did not hear the shoes tell her that they would be traveling back in time. After breakfast, Ginger laced her shoes tightly and said, “Okay, shoes take me somewhere.” The shoes said, “Step outside and close your eyes.” Ginger followed the directions and when she opened her eyes ten seconds later, she had arrived in another place. It seemed like it was five or ten years ago. She asked, “Why am I here?” The shoes said simply, “Follow.” The shoes walked Ginger two miles before Ginger recognized her old home. She heard a little girl singing, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.” Then, time changed and she noticed the little girl had a hippopotamus! Then she went to another time. She saw a fifteen year old girl yelling, “I want two cars not one! Then the girl got three cars, instead. The shoes took Ginger to another time and place. Ginger noticed a woman writing down how much employees would get paid at the shoe store. They were paid minimum wage and had no benefits. Ginger was confused. She asked the shoes why she was watching these things. The shoes said, “You must fix your mistakes and then you will be happy.”

Ginger learned lots of things from her walk back in time. When the shoes took Ginger back to the present, Ginger changed the salary of her employees and gave them health insurance. She held the door for customers. She stopped ordering people around. When a child came in and asked for a refund, Ginger said, “Okay.” One morning the shoes asked Ginger if she had learned anything. And, she hadn’t found her true love, so she was still pretty grouchy. Every now and then the shoes would take her back in time and show her how selfish she was. Once the shoes even took her back to a high school dance where a boy asked a girl to dance and the girl said, “No way you are a geek.” The number of times the shoes took her back kept decreasing and soon she wasn’t traveling back much at all. That is when she found true happiness. A gorgeous man walked in the door of store and tried on a pair of shoes. Ginger fell in love and the man asked her out. Years later, they were married and had children. Ginger still wore the shoes for long time until she decided she no longer needed to be reminded to be a nice person. She took the shoes off and dropped them in the middle of a park and hoped that one day the shoes would help someone else too. As Ginger was walking away she looked back and said, “Thank you shoes, you have done a lot for me.”

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