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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

Our simple educational philosphy: we learn as we live and we celebrate what we learn!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


We continue to learn about the world around us. This week:
we are listening to Miss Jane Pittman on tape,
H is reading Things Not Seen,
T is reading Swimming to Antarctica,
we are still studying early America,
we are still researching osteoporosis,
we are doing lots of word problems and problems with variables,
the girls are practicing reflexive verbs, adverbs, and frequency words in Spanish,
the girls are beginning to make Italian sentences and studying the vocabulary for vegetables,
we have listened to several Spanish stories on tape,
we have done some standardized testing,
we have played the current events game,
the girls have played soccer and watched some on TV,
the girls completed a 30 minute swim (84 lengths of the pool),
the girls have cooked a Mexican meal,
the girls have prepared lunch,
H wrote a paper about the life of an early American girl,
T wrote a paper about her dreams for the world,
we have lived,
we have loved,
AND we have laughed!

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