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Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

~ John Dewey

Our simple educational philosphy: we learn as we live and we celebrate what we learn!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Looking Into the Past

This week we studied some early American families. We learned about these families by examining some of their household items. We learned about candlemaking and how the absence of light affected their everyday lives. Documents helped show how early American families had slaves. Chalk tablets and fairy tales books indicated that the family was literate, but it was not clear whether women were literate. A square brush indicated that they brushed wool and relied on animals for clothes. Because there were few pictures of early Americans and drawings were rare, historians have to rely on objects and documents to recreate their lives.

If someone were to study our lives 150 years from now, they would have pictures to help tell the story. However, objects and documents would still be useful. A soccer ball would tell future historians that we liked sports and they were important parts of our lives. The number of books in our house would reveal that we enjoy learning. Our energy efficient light bulbs and our hybrid car and recycling bins would show that we are concerned about protecting the environment.

Will the objects and documents in your house tell historians what you want them to know?

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